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Laurel Klest, CPDT-KA

Laurel has been working with animals since she was 8 years old. She started with pet sitting dogs, cats, and other small animals. At 16 years old, she started interning at a well known Atlanta dog training facility as part of her homeschool science class. 

During her internship, she had the opportunity to work hands-on with reactive, aggressive, and fearful dogs. She started taking on training clients of her own at 17 years old and her knowledge has grown exponentially since then. She also worked at PAWS Atlanta as a kennel technician. While there, she worked hard to enrich the lives of the shelter animals while they waited for their forever homes.

In 2016, Laurel moved on to build up the training program of a local dog walking and pet sitting company. She was the head trainer for that company and trained the staff on animal behavior and safe handling practices. With over 800 hours of hands on experience, Laurel became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) through the CCPDT in April of 2017. To learn more about this certification, click here.

Laurel founded Wriggles & Wags in July of 2019. She worked part time at a local pet store through the Covid-19 Pandemic and went full time with Wriggles & Wags in April of 2021.

Laurel has gone to multiple canine behavior seminars and has attended the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants' Feline Behavior Conference. In her free time, Laurel enjoys furthering her education in animal behavior.

Laurel lives in Gresham Park with her husband, Tristram, daughter, Lilith, four dogs (plus a PAWS Atlanta foster dog), and two cats. She has also fostered multiple dogs and cats until they found their homes. On her weekends, Laurel enjoys competing in disc, lure coursing, dock diving, and other sports with her dogs.

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